Following Comments elucidate

Dear Mr. Shobhit Tandon/Dolly ,



Congratulations, Please find attached herewith your certificate as  TOEFL iBT Authorized Consultant in India by Educational  Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, USA effective from January 2019. We are sure that you would like to print, frame and display in your center/s as this builds your credibility with your students as certified consultant for ETS-TOEFL in your State and in INDIA.


You are now our accredited Agent-Partner for promotion of ETS-TOEFL in the country. Thus, you have been allotted a UNIQUE CODE BY ETS AS PARTNER (mentioned in the certificate). Please ensure that your code number is prominently displayed in your office and conveyed to all your students undergoing TOEFL training or orientation. Would like to reiterate that your agency shall reap benefits when a student uses your UNIQUE CODE while registering for TOEFL. All the best!


We will be happy to train any two of your counselors, free of charge, on TOEFL under our ‘Propell Workshops’ . You may write your interest to us in this regard and we shall send an invite whenever we schedule this workshop in your city.


Please note that attached files are confidential and legally protected and hence please do not edit any content in the certificate.


We look forward to great association and active participation from you in the promotion of TOEFL in your State and beyond.



Happy ETS-TOEFL evangelization!