“Most medical professionals prefer OET2.0 over IELTS as it is profession specific”

Training available for:










 Teaching Methodology

Time Efficient – 36 Hours of Intensive training per week covering of all modules and a Mock Test


Resources – Loads of Practice materials available including audio files


Training Program – Strategically designed Training Plan

One-On-One Feedback – Feedback provided to every student after each practice test


Facilities – Modern facilities with all audio / video equipment for better practice experience

How we help?

Our OET 2.0 coaching Adelaide grooms and gears up the professionals for the test to make way for efficient results:


Industry best OET preparation course: The superior quality courses at our OET 2.0 coaching classes help health professionals effectively in preparing for the OET 2.0 test.



Interactive coaching: Our OET 2.0 coaching institute in Adelaide conducts interactive classroom coaching to spill the beans on the insights of the tests.​


Keep pace with the changing trend: We keep our OET 2.0 preparation course updated as per the latest exam format to usher the best results.

Experienced faculty: The professionals at our coaching class receive to-the-point English training from our internationally acclaimed OET2.0  instructors having sound medical knowledge and credible experience.

Top 10 USPs of our OET coaching Adelaide

  1. Complete classes: Coaching for OET 2.0 reading, writing, listening and speaking

  2. Letters of all forms: Letter writing class for a variety of forms including, patient referral/reminders/discharge letter, formal, informal letter, hospital admission letter, and more.

  3. Speaking class: Due emphasis on tone, diction, accuracy, fluency and speaking volume, along with speed reading and comprehension.

  4. Language command: Coaching on ensuring the use of correct pronunciation and language while dealing with people in private clinics, hospital settings, etc.

  5. Command on functional language: Apt coaching on using functional language while dealing with the patients, such as when noting down patient history, giving advice or explanation, reassurances, etc.

  6. Understanding specific purpose: Class on how to read for some specific cause, which includes a precise understanding of the test and the ability to answer text-related questions.

  7. Limited seats per OET2.0 batch: For better and more personalized attention to professionals during coaching.

  8. Flexible class options: Different timings as per your suitability to attend the coaching.

  9. Customized OET2.0 course: To tailor the coaching as per your preference.


All these major attractions of our OET2.0 coaching classes prepare international health practitioners from different professions to succeed in the exam with flying colors. These include Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Radiography, Dietetics Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Veterinary Science.

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