The times they are changing!

Get yourself up to date with our new OET 2.0 Practice Reading Test

Why have they changed the OET exam? It’s hard enough already

As you know, the OET exam changed in September 2018 to OET 2.0. This change can seem daunting but the main thing to remember is that the tests have not become harder.Essentially, it is just their format that has changed, so there is nothing to worry about!

One of the biggest changes to the format can be seen in the Reading tests. We will outline those changes and give you the information tips you need to make sure you are properly prepared for the new reading tests. Read on and you will find all the tips you need to master them

The new reading test sounds particularly confusing…please help

As you are probably aware, the previous reading module was comprised of 2 parts: part A and part B. The updated reading module is made up of 3 parts: part A, part B and part C. So that you are clear about what is coming up, below is a simple outline of the format for the OET 2.0 reading test


Part A


Part A is basically the same as the original part A: You will have 4 short texts to read about one health-care theme. There are some small changes to the format. There are 20 questions in the form of competing sentences, matching phrases and simple short questions. You are being assessed on the ability to locate information. OET candidates finds Part A easier now as compared to the past


Part B


Part B is where the main change takes place. There will be six short texts (100-150 words each) set in workplace contexts such as emails, policy documents or manuals. You will be assessed on your ability to understand the keys points and messages conveyed.

The answers will be in multiple choice format with 1 question per text. You will need to understand what type of text you are reading, and the vocabulary used. You then just have to identify the correct answer for the question related to the text. Not so hard really!


Part C


Part C will be very similar to the ‘old’ part B. You will be required to prove a deeper level of comprehension, understanding the meaning and giving your opinion about two healthcare-related texts (800 words each). There are 8 multiple choice questions for each text


Part B and C will be taken in the 45 minutes that were originally given for part B.


Why will Super Achievers practice reading tests help me to pass?


Even before the changes, a high proportion of OET2.0candidates failed to get their registration as a result of failing to achieve their grades in the reading module. Many of them struggled as they did not have the right materials and samples to practice or they prepared using a reading test that did not meet OET2.0 exam standards.


This is even more of an issue now that the test format has changed, and it is extremely important that you are using up-to-date revision materials that are in line with OET 2.0 standards and of excellent quality. Many students are still using the revision materials and practice tests designed to prepare for the previous OET2.0 exam and this is where they may well fall-down when faced with the new format outlined above. The last thing you want is to get to test day, after having spent precious time revising and thinking that you are fully prepared only to be faced with a new format that completely throws you


Our sample reading practice tests really work, and you will see a significant improvement in your accuracy after using these reading tests. The sample tests for the OET 2.0(if such a term ever existed) have worked for hundreds of OET2.0 test takers who went on to pass the exam with flying colors! Now, we have completely revised the reading materials so that they are suitable for the new test format and we have no doubt that the results will be equally as impressive, if not more so this time around. We engaged industry leading professionals from healthcare and ESL training to ensure the reading tests give you enough exposure to the exam-like difficulty.


How have Super Achievers practice reading tests changed and what do they offer.


Our reading tests have modernized! To replace the PDF downloads, we will now offer practice reading tests that can be accessed and completed on your computer, laptop or tablet. This is a much more flexible system, giving you the opportunity to practice your OET 2.0 reading skills any-time, wherever you are. Once you have purchased the tests, all you will have to do is log in and get started! What’s more, there are built-in timers for each section to simulate conditions similar to the real OET 2.0 exam.


The format of the tests is exactly the same as in the OET 2.0 exam, covering part A, B and C. The level of competency tested is also parallel, as is the vocabulary used. All of the reading topics are related to the medical field and are appropriate for all medical professionals, from dentists to nurses, pharmacists to surgeons, and are relevant and highly engaging.